OmniTIK UPA (AP 5GHz MIMO 7,5 dbi Dual-Pol)

OmniTIK UPA (AP 5GHz MIMO 7,5 dbi Dual-Pol)

OmniTik merupakan solusi Access Point outdoor tahan cuaca dengan antenna dual polarisasi, kombinasi yang sesuai sebagai access point dan SXT sebagai CPE. Memiliki 5 buah port ethernet, support PoE dan embedded radio protokol A+N (5 GHz MIMO), dan support teknologi Nv2 TDMA.

Spesifikasi OmniTIK-UPA-5HnD
Product Code OmniTIK-UPA-5HnD
Architecture MIPS-BE
CPU AR7241 400MHz
Current Monitor No
Main Storage/NAND 64MB
SFP Ports
LAN Ports 5
Gigabit No
Switch Chip 1
Integrated Wireless Yes
Wireless Standarts 802.11 a/n
Wireless Tx Power 26dBm
Integrated Antenna Yes
Antenna Gain 7.5dBi Dual Pol
SIM Card Slots No
Power on USB Yes
Memory Cards No
Power Jack No
802.3af Support No
POE Input 10-28V
POE Output Yes
Serial Port No
Voltage Monitor No
Temperature Sensor No
Dimentions 368x125x55mm
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature Range -30C .. +70C
RouterOS License Level4


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